About Us

Welcome to FXTestify

This platform was created by two forex traders (René and Thomas) who aimed to reveal the true potential of different MT4 expert advisors (EAs). It allows for the comparison and evaluation of EAs and the educated selection of the best performing EAs and their best performing settings.

Would we have unlimited resources, we would forward-test every possible EA with every possible permutation of input parameters in parallel. After a year we might have a very good picture of the different EAs and setups potential. Too bad we are not Google and own half of the datacenters in the world. But if we traders combine our testing power in an organized way, we can increase our chances. That is the basic idea of this project.

At the heart of the project is a database that gets fed every day by a growing group of diligent traders all over the world. They are running long-term crossbench tests of the EAs with different setups (test sets) on demo and live accounts with different brokers. The performance results are collected and stored automatically and the pages on this platform offer sophisticated views at the aggregated data.

The different test sets are the lynchpin of the analysis and provide the chance to iterate the process and reach near optimal settings for each EA. While the general results are shown to the public, access to the more detailed results like performance by test sets or by symbols is restricted. Only those diligent group members that contribute results regularly can see them. If you want to become one of them, please read the Info for Testers page thoroughly. Information for EA providers on how to make an EA compatible can be found on the Info for Providers page. There is also a FAQs page to answer common questions.

Our mission statement is to provide an absolutely independent and objective view to the testing results.

  • We will never show anything else than the true results uploaded by the group members
  • We will never make any attempt to make results look better or worse than they really are
  • We will never recommend or even comment any expert or show any kind of advertisement
  • We will immediately exclude every expert provider or group member trying to manipulate the results

This is truly a platform "by traders" and "for traders", as without the input from the group there wouldn't be any data. Collectively we have created a tool that helps us traders in the selection and fine-tuning of the best MT4 (and later MT5) EAs.

If you want to suggest another expert advisor to be included in the test, or have any other kind of question or feedback, please contact us.